starting out in whole saling

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hello my name is Skyler Jimenez...

I have just started to break out into this career feild. I decided to start out with 4 k I hear that you spend alot marketing but what and how do I market?

Second where do I make my revenues. What am I exactly looking for as a wholesaler? What is good and what is bad?

If you are starting out with $4k for marketing and do no know where to start the first my first advise might be to look in to some education before you through that away. Many will agree if they knew what they have learned now and had the money they have spent in the past they could do so much more. educate your self before you spend that money.

Lets say you do market and find deals, are you educated in the business enough to properly excecute the closing?

I will say there are simple things you could start doing. buy some postcards that read We Buy Houses Cash!are you: Under Water, Probate, Pre-foreclosure, Liens and High repairs, exhausted land lords or ugly is Ok!(something along those lines) and leave them in every single gas station convienent store, laundrymat etc...

Bandit Signs- printed or blank all depends on your preferences

Lead Capture Website-,,,,,,, etc...

I suggest building on this foundation and building a solid buyers list as you go before blowing 4 grand.


Welcome to BiggerPockets! It's a great resource to use for real estate investing. To answer your first question...

"What and I how do I market"?

There are many ways to market... You could use bandit signs, driving for dollars, and direct mail, and any other creative ways you can find motivated sellers. That's the nice thing...there are a bunch of levers you can pull and see if they work

"How do i make my revenues?"

You make money from your deals. You get a property under contract for 10k, assign it for 20k and you make the spread. The gurus make it out to be easy, but you will find it to be quite the task to find sellers that are willing to sell their house for a 50-90% pay cut on their house.

I definitely recommend using the search bar on the upper right hand corner. Many of your questions that you have, probably have already been discussed multiple times. Happy investing!


I would educate yourself first and foremost. Even if you did drop some mailers and the phone started to ring, would you know how to properly vest the call? Probably not. I spent 6 months educating myelf before I even attempted to pull down a deal. I would also recommend networking and building your buyer's list, familiarize yourself with the local market, get all your ducks in a row, etc..

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