1st deal of year

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Hey BP wholesalers, after taking last year off I will be closing my 1st wholesale deal of the year Friday. I have been actively creating and mailing to probate, bankruptcy and pre foreclosure. Concentrating mostly on probate, some calls came in that I put offers on but no takers. What brought this deal was just making sure people I come in contact w\ know what I am doing. I ran in to a contractor buddy and he asked me how I was doing and in conversation I told him I was active in REI again and he could hardly contain himself to tell me about a seller he knew looking to unload his house and how he couldn't do it. Said he was extremely motivated, drove by that afternoon - met seller 2 days later. Under contract and lock box that day, market to 3-4 serious buyers on my list (that I have sold 2 in past) they went in on their own and had assignment signed 1 day later. Title is back, clean, all attorneys in contact - closing Friday. Feels good to be back in the game.

Congratulations and welcome back to the game.

Congrats, I know this winter has been tough on our business, looking to do another flip soon ourselves.

Congrats on the deal @Bill R. This is a perfect example of why everyone you come in contact with should hear about what you do, you just never know...

Thanks guys

How much are you making on the assignment fee?

@Ty Burns Contracted property for 20k, marketed for 40-45k. Buyer I have done business w/ before was at 30k - told him 35k would be a deal. Next morning he committed. 15k assignment.

Bill, congrats! Thanks for the inspiration!


Closed on Friday. On to the next

Congrats @Bill R.

What kind of mailers are you sending out to your probate list?

White letter, more professional type.. or a yellow letter?

@Oiluj Lopez

I use normal white envelopes, white letters for the first 2 times I send to probate - included is one of my business cards. Then I send my we buy houses postcard as follow ups for the next 3 times. This deal was not from my mailings, but I have closed numerous deals from my pre-foreclosure mailings. Those are yellow postcards that I have made and cut from legal sized card stock at Stapels - they are, You are in jeopardy of losing your house to foreclosure type postcards - have had real good luck with those.

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