do you guys like florida for wholesale?

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hi I am thinking to move to florida not a 100% sure yet.

but what do you guys think of wholesaleing in florida ( fort Lauderdale. Miami. west palm. boca raton. all south east of florida.) do you get more deals done there more motivated sellers I know the propertys are a lot cheaper there then where I am at (new jersey)

love to hear your feedback on this thanks.

Hi Walter,

This is just my opinion, I think you can Wholesale just about anywhere as long as you find a couple REAL buyers, set up your own marketing campaign and lock the property up at a price where you and your buyer can make money. While location is important, I think you can rock it anywhere as long as your bringing VALUE! Best of luck to you!


Joseph Caracappa

I think are more wanna be wholesalers here than there are available properties. It's the new easy buck-no money-no experience-no knowledge required craze here, probably more than every where else.

@Walter Thompson
I'm not familiar with the NJ market; however, I'm very familiar with the Broward and Palm Beach markets. If a property appears really cheap in this area it is most likely on an undesirable location. The competition for deals here is fierce with a multitude of cash buyers. With that said, if you are truly a good wholesaler, you may be able to find deals; if this is the case, feel free to send good off-market deals my way.

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