Finally taking the jump!

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To everyone who cares, I just wanted to express my satisfaction that I've finally engaged in a yellow letter campaign.

I formed my first company, made a marketing budget, obtained a target list in my zip code from List Source, bought my materials and postage, and today I'm sending out my first group of letters that I just finished stamping. Tomorrow I'll send more. All I have left is to find wholesale contracts that I like and a title company that will work with me, and of course to get my first deal!

Thanks BiggerPockets for being here!

Way to jump in @Jason Rhine ! Are you hand writing? How many letters are you sending out? Whats your plan for followup mailing? Good luck and please do let us know how your first mailing goes.

Thanks! I will keep posted.

@Brian L. I am handwriting on plain white envelopes and using a font I created with my handwriting on lined yellow paper for the letters. For this first campaign, I am sending out 800 letters to absentee owners over 4 weeks, so 200 per week. Today I did 50, tomorrow I'll send another 50. I'm spreading it all out so that I don't get more calls than I can handle at once. As for follow-up mailing, I do not have a plan yet. I am keeping track of who I've sent to and when, so that as time goes on and I figure out my ratios I can plan my next steps such as how many letters to send out next, over what period, and how much budget room that leaves for second mailings.

Also, I just found my title company! Tomorrow I'll finish my contracts so that I have them ready, and perhaps call some contractors to see if they'll do on-call repair estimates in exchange for a couple hundred when a property sells. Then on to adding to my buyers list.

Great to hear, good luck!

@Jason Rhine Awesome I hope you knock it out of the park.

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