Absentee Owners!! How often should you update the list?

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How often do I need to pull an absentee owners list?

My Realtor said the list should only be pulled about twice per year.

Seems to me like the list would remain over all the same from month to month.

Does 2 per year sound about right?

Very good question & I'm looking forward to the responses. It would depend on your market though and how active investors are in that market. Are you investing in San Diego?

I replace my list 1 time a year.

Hello Andre An,

Can you please share your knowledge or source of where and how do you get absentee owners?



Levi K.
You can pull it from listsource.com

Levi, are you a wholesaler in San Diego too?

Once a year. I'm in SD

@Levi K. I pull mine from my local county's website. I can't speak for other markets but in AZ, www.maricopa.gov is gold for these lists!

Thank you Scott and Andre,

I am not wholesaler however I am from San Diego.

Currently I am looking for multifamily property to buy or 1031 in San Diego county area.

Please let me know if you come across a deal. :)



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