are these consider non motivated sellers?

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hi BP

Ive send my mail campaign and the calls are starting to come in today. But the ones that call I feel like not even wasting my time on is the ones that says as following.

Its not for sale you mailed me give me and offer. I just wanted to call, the house don't need any fixing its in great shape let check the comps and give me and offer on my house etc, etc, (also they sound really grumpy)

This sounds like to me non motivated sellers to me they just wanna get a idea of how much there house is worth.

Love to hear from you guys thanks for all replys.


I am in your same position. In the past few days I have seen three houses where the owner received my letter and 'just wanted to see' what I could offer. In every case I was WAY below what they wanted. We shook hands and I gave them a card.

They are going on my drip list, who knows if their situation changes or they really did need to sell but are holding out. If eventually they are willing to take a deep discounted price, at least they know my face, name and number. Also, I was able to get good practice in the negotiation aspect of this business. I am just starting out so nothing is a waste of time for me, at this point.

Best of luck, sir.

Elliot Erickson

I am constantly amazed that anyone would be surprised by this sort of response.

I have gotten a couple of these post cards over the years, usually while a house is under renovation. I have actually called a couple of times. One guy just flat refused to name a number, and kept asking, "What do you need to get for it?" Wrong, chump, you contacted me, I didn't offer it for sale. You go first.

Another offered me a number that would have been a steal of a deal for him, for sure. As in, under market by about $100k. I stifled my laughter and told him I would not be interested at anything close to that price.

Now, you could fairly say I was not a motivated seller. But frankly, if I were a motivated seller, I would be trying to sell. You contact random people on the basis of property or personal characteristics that YOU think should cause them to be interested in selling, and you get what you get. You waste my time, and I will be "grumpy" too.

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