Best way to find wholesaling leads?

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I wanted to ask my fellow wholesalers how you get your leads? I know it can be different in various markets, but I am definitely curious on what works for you guys.

hi @Alex Rivas

I love using listsource to send my mail campaign, (targeting Absentee owners,) then take that list and send them out whit yellowletterscomplete its more expensive then click2mail but I get more of a respond rate whit YLC.

Also I love looking for distress homes that look like no one have live in it for years, just take a nice drive on the weekend whit a pen and paper and write down the address.

Now I am trying to learn how to get involve whit foreclosure homes it seems complicated to wholesale them but nothing beats reading and learning.

Hope this was helpful good luck!

@Alex Rivas I use old loan modification leads to find deals that no one else has.

@Ted Schmidt

That sounds very interesting,

I would love to hear what actually you have to do, to perform this? unless you don't want to share your secret formula then I understand, lol

Thank you Walter that does help, and would you say the list of "deed of trusts" is a good lead source?

@Alex Rivas

I don't like trust/deeds for my own personal reasons.

If you need any help let me know pm me anytime

@Walter Thompson :
It's no big secret, just not very common. All you do is get old loan mod leads, 60 day to 1 year old, call the people and ask if they were able to get the loan modified. If yes, let them know what you do and add them to your future sellers list. If no, ask if they might consider selling or if they are till trying to save it. If they still want to save it - save the lead for future seller lead and refer to an attorney. They will pay $250 for a client all day long. If they already lost the house, ask if they want help to remove it from their credit report - transfer to a credit repair company - that's $50 or more in your pocket.

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