reverse wholesaling

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hey everyone I'm a newbie and i have been studying real estate books and for the past couple months . I'm not to sure when i should start but i decided to give a home cash buyer a call . i live in newyork and he told me he only likes residential 1-5 between the 5 boroughs . whats my next step?

Reach out to local wholesalers in your area. Ask them questions and don't be afraid to do so. Go to your local REIA and introduce yourself as a new wholesaler and that you're eager to learn the game. There's nothing wrong with being a newbie because we all were so don't let that hold you back.

Maybe someone at your local REIA will mentor you and this will get you going pretty quickly.

Be aware of scamming wholesalers. They like to charge unfair prices to teach you this particular niche when there is more than enough info on BP and Youtube to answer alot of your questions about wholesaling and any other real estate niche. You've doing the right thing by joining BP.

Good Luck to you.

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