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I'm compiling a list of eviction notices to target owners.

There is no real good way of doing this in my area, besides looking up the cases 1 by 1.

Here's my question: Many of the results I get list the plaintiff/evictor as a Trust, or a property management company. (And not the name of an individual)

Say I'm a home owner, and I have a property management group managing my rental property, and an eviction needs to be run. Would the plaintiff need to be the owners name in the Court docs, or would it be listed under the property management group?

Thank you in advance.

In my area it can be listed under whoever is bringing the case. You'd have to get the property address and look them up under the tax assessors office

In California, unlawful detainer cases, including the court index, are not public until 60 days after the filing of the case. If the defendant (tenant) prevails (wins), then the case is never made public and never appears in the index.

Since most CA courts hear unlawful detainers in a timely way, anything you are looking up is old news at this point.

PMs and PM companies can file the unlawful detainer on behalf of the owner. The court file or online info usually includes the property address. But again, the court case is appearing in the index 60 days after filing and this is usually after the landlord has already won a judgment. So while you might get a few tired landlord leads, it might not be the best use of your time.

Thanks for the help Marie! It was very helpful!

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