do i talk to my neighbor?

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Think you can help me out quickly?

Here’s the situation…

I live in a middle class neighborhood. One of my neighbors died, the husband moved away and sold the house. Some guy bought the house and is flipping it.

There is a house across the street from me, single mother with one child in high school. I have known her most of my life but I don’t really talk to her. The single mothers house is in pretty bad condition. She doesn’t do any yard work, everything is falling apart.. basically a good house to flip ( as long as there isn’t too much repair costs. That isn’t the problem though, YET)


I saw the guy that is flipping the house, walk by the single mothers place and make a phone call. I think he is interested in trying to flip this house too.

I have thought that both of these houses could potentially be good flips before I knew anything about real estate. This single mother across the street from me hasn’t mentioned anything about moving. BUT should I mention it? She may be interested in moving.

Do you think it would be disrespectful if I asked her if she was trying to sell her house? How would I go about doing it? I would need to find comp values, so I would need an REA to help me out.

how would you go about this? I need advice. I don’t want to come off as a dick to my neighbor but I don’t want this guy getting another steal.

i am taking a 3 day seminar class with Rich Dad Poor Dad which is at the end of the week. i may lose the deal before that. i may have the opportunity now. what should i do.

i have read many books on real estate, so im not going in blind

Sure talk to her. You could even partner with her to do the renovation.

As easy opening is the fact that the nearby house is being renovated. Say "I've been thinking about renovating a house myself. . . ."

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