This may be a dumb question to some Vets but please help!!

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I need to know, as a wholesaler who sends the purchase agreement to the title company to get the deal started? Same thing with the assignment contract to get the deal closed.

Can I get both signed and send them in together once I have a buyer? Or should I have the seller send in the purchase agreement to the title company and then send the assignment contract once I have a buyer?

Please feel free to chime in!!

You should be submitting the the paper work to the title company but the location and information of the title company should be provided to the seller in case they have any questions. I always get the contracts signed one with me one with out my name on it and advise I will get the paper work over the following day(with all the intentions of doing so). Then I take the day to market the property. I usually feel out the investor and if they look like they will give me trouble with paying the assignment fee. Then I just get them to agree to the selling price and have the title company call them to fill out the purchase and sale and assignment contract.

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