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Hello everyone. I am a new investor in Tacoma, WA. Since my first real estate workshop on April 17-19 I have been nose deep in the materials provided to educate myself in this field. My spirit is still very high after reading and researching tons of information but now I am need of advise to find buyers interested in the Tacoma, WA area. Starting tomorrow I have decided to start sending out letters to a list of home buyers that recently purchased properties in Tacoma. I am asking for any ideas or suggestions in moving forward with finding buyers using other avenues. By the way, if anyone knows of any real estate clubs, auctions, or functions in the Tacoma area that I can attend to meet new buyers please let me know.


I am currently rehabbing a house in Federal Way, WA, and would totally like to see what you have to offer when a time comes. Although, your prices will dictate how soon and how many buyers you can have on your list. Better deals - more buyers, we all know that )))

Good luck with your new efforts. Search for REAPS. It's a local club and it holds south end meetings from time to time. As Viktor said, it all depends on the deals you bring, but also providing good pictures, rehab estimates, and comps is value add. Let me know if you have anything, but you can also try the BP marketplace to look for more buyers.

Thanks fellas for welcoming me and some tips. I will be sure to keep you guys in mind for future deals. Good luck to you all.

@Ailini Misiluki

REAPS is a club we are currently looking at and know a volunteer who helps the thing run and she has had nothing but great things to say about it. Also, they have a south sound group too for Pierce County. I would also be interested in seeing what you have for sale as we are looking for deals in certain parts of pierce county. Welcome to BP!

Good morning,

I am the Executive Director of REAPS. You can always come check out a meeting for free as my guest. Just register online and use promo code " bigger " at checkout. Our Fife Meals N Deals meeting is monthly on the 2nd Monday. On May 12th we are starting a 30-day challenge and this meeting is the kick off to that challenge. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Justin and Katherne thank you for the information. I will definitely register and plan on attending this meeting on May.12th. Katherne, I will send you an email once I'm done registering.

@Ailini Misiluki Hello and welcome to BP. I am from Federal Way. There are meetings all around. There is one at the Days Inn off the 5 and Portland Avenue. There are a couple in Fife one is at the Poodle Dog. I do not know when the times are anymore since I am not up there. Look on

@Ailini Misiluki

As the others have mentioned don't waste your time building a buyers list. Find the deals. If you have a deal finding buyers is easy.

I know that this thread is a little older but I stumbled upon it anyway. I have a question @Ailini Misiluki … If you don't have a buyers list (which I am struggling with wrapping my head around right now with my own situation), and when you have a deal, how do you personally find the buyers so easily? Do you just go to the BP marketplace, craigslist?

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