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Hi, I have finally trained a VA to pull my probates list weekly. I was just wondering if you experienced probate investors send out weekly or monthly?

I am pulling about 30 leads a week in my county.

I presume you have a multi-letter campaign devised and either started or testing? I suggest weekly. Develop good habits and structure for you and you'd team. Decide what day you want letters to hit and work backwards to mail drop day.

Adjust your schedule(s) accordingly. Decide how you want calls answered, what you say, have lead sheets handy, etc.

You can do your follow up letter sequence anytime the grouping makes sense.

@Rick H. Thats one thing i am struggling with and that is coming up with the right schedule.

So should I go weekly for example in the month of May and then group all May letters in one swoop to be sent out in June and then and July again? I am really trying to figure out a simple and non-confusing sequence..

Don't overthink it. Create a simple system to mail and track.

Every record gets a date and you pick a sequence period that you can easily search and tag in your database.

Letter 1 - all records created 1/01//2014 thru 1/07/2014

Letter 2 - all records created 1/01//2014 thru 1/07/2014

This would be a search criteria for a one-week range.

Suggest you look at the total time period that you intend to mail, beginning to end. If you intend to mail for an entire year, for example, and send a total of twelve letters, decide the frequency of the mail drops and test response.

You could design a campaign that hits heavy early and then takes a rest then starts hitting heavy again after a break.

Test, test, test!

Stephen - I mail monthly. The reason is that it is much easier to manage. I add new probates monthly to my list. After a while, you will have a large list. For me, it makes it much easier to have a monthly schedule.


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