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I emailed my local court house about how to obtain information about probate estates and this is the response I got back, is it typical to pay a monthly fee to obtain records on probate estates, and is this the list I need?

Good Morning,

The Preliminary Monthly Report (PMR) is generated for the Department of Revenue. This report is a listing of administration petitions filed the previous month and can be obtained for $26.08 per month. The report contains the case number, the type of administration, the name of decedent, the last known address of decedent, decedent's date of death, judge assigned to the case, personal representative of the case (if any), personal representative's address, and the value of the estate.

If you are interested in receiving this report, then please contact name (email) and she will add you to the distribution list. You will be notified around the 10th of each month that the report is ready and where to mail your payment.

Thank you,

Probate Division


Blocked out email and name to not get in trouble.

Hey Joshua how'd this turn out? I'm in California so I'm not sure if it's similar for probate, but I'm looking for the same info

Josh, Would you mind to copy/paste the original email you sent to the court house? I've contacted 3 different court houses trying to get this report, they all look at me like I'm crazy and say that no one has access to these records.


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