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Being new and still working on acquiring my first property I am looking at my exit strategies. What is the better option (in your opinion) when it comes time to sell the property, transfer the rights to it or a double close or some other method.

On a side not does anyone in the Baltimore area have a good title company that they use for closings? Or is a better option a real estate attorney?

Thank you for all your help and information


I highly recommend Definitive Title - 410.833.3339. Here's why...

I have been working on my first deal for 3 months getting everything together. The title company found an issue with the chain of custody of the deeds for the property. After weeks of searching, none of the 3 previous title companies that did the clearing could find a missing deed from 2000. It turns out that there was some foreclosure fraud on the property (and many others) and many of the people involved went to jail. None of the previous 3 title companies looked back that far when this property changed hands (again 3 times!). The current owner now has to file a total loss claim for the full amount of the property and legal fees with his title company. Although he has a deed in his name for the property, he cannot sell the property until litigation is finished. This was all discovered by a very good title company that clearly goes above and beyond what three others missed. I highly recommend.

Holly Edelstein - Clearview Settlement Solutions

Drew Miller - Dulaney Title

John Mitnick - Mitnick and Mitnick

Dan Harvey - Cotton Duck Title.

Jeff Charlow - Masters Title

All title companies in MD have an attorney becuase only an attorney can create a deed. John, Dan and Jeff are the attorneys at their respective title companies. All of these are good title companies and familiar with investor deals.

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