running comps in NH

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how do people run comps in new hampshire?

cali and other states have redfin but pretty sure NH doesnt have that. any other ways?

Derek, you can subscribe to which has lots of info but may or may not be what you are looking for. The other options are:

1. to get your license and use mls

2. NHREIA used to run free comps for members, you can check with them and see if they still do that

3. Form a relationship with a local real estate agent who will run comps for you. If they do it for a while without your buying anything, it will get old

4. While not always accurate, Zillow is a starting point that lists sales in the neighborhood of a subject property

Derek, are you aware that your profile says you are from Boston, New Hampshire? I'm guessing you either meant New Boston, New Hampshire, or you were trying to post as the Boston area. Just letting you know so you can fix it.

lol Boston NH :) Derek is on a roll bc he also started a thread called "Lellow Letters" hehe.

Anne, I've never been on that website you named, I'm psyched to see what treasures await.

Derek, I go on NNEREN and check the sold properties for the area/neighboring towns. There are other ways of getting MLS access which involve networking but NNEREN pretty much gets you the same data just without cool maps and stuff.

I use NNEREN as well. Some of the larger towns provide online info for the assessor and tax collector which includes historical sales data. It's not ideal for comps, but you can find some interesting and useful historical info there.

Forgot to mention...NNEREN strips out a lot of the necessary data on sold properties, so MLS access is preferable.

I would recommend not using Zillow's Zestimates...they are highly inaccurate especially in a highly appreciating or depreciating market.

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