Any Canadians own rentals in the U.S.? What's been your experience?

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Just wondering if there are Canadian REI's here that own rental property in the states? Would you recommend this route? What has been your experience?

@Ken T.

There are lots of Canadians investing in US.

I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Few things that you may want to know before hand.

1) know your tax(both US & CDN) situation, so you can set up the right entity to avoid double taxation & asset protection.

2) have a strong team( contractor, property manager,RE lawyer, RE agents..) on ground.

3) set up proper banking for the ease of future banking transactions.

4) choose your market; really understand your market.

5) know the state/city law that you're going to invest in.

6) make connection with local investors (BP is an excellent source for connection & resources.)

What I find out.

Price of most Canada RE is priced a lot higher than some states for the past 4-5 years. So the return in much higher.

It's not as easy as you deal within your backyard, it's a long distance investment.

Also you are learning a totally new market, so you have to adapt to the local pricing & thinking.

The principle of investment are the same though.

I enjoyed it myself, it's a challenge.

@Tom Yung

I just find that the price gap between properties in Canada (especially Alberta) compared to properties with similar rental incomes in the states is huge. I live in a college town with almost no vacancies and rent rates aren't even close to the 2 percent rule. Even the most run down SFH's run around 200k. With aged half duplexes priced in the high 100's.

@Ken T.

I know of many Canadians are taking advantage of the combination of low interest rate & double digit return cash on cash; has bought into US market.

2% is not easy to get in most areas of US market(depending on market & area). 1% is not even easy in war zone area in Canada( although war zone area in Canada is mickey mouse to US). I heard Americans laughed at our crime rate.

So watch out to the area you are going to invest, know the area.

Lots of good things to consider. Thanks!

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