return address?

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Personally I have been putting my return address, but I opened a PO Box with UPS Store that has an actual address. Seems to be worth the investment since I have received a few "interesting" return letters from angry owners.

I did some research on this a few weeks back and my opinion is that you probably should especially if you're going to use a UPS store mailbox or something like that.

You really have to decide what's more worth it: having someone who might threaten you know your address or getting valuable information for the returned letters.

Best case scenario, if you can afford it would be to go over to your local UPS store and have them set up a mailbox for you so you get the best of both worlds.

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Hi Derek,

I think I paid $225 for 15 months. It was pay for a year up front get 3 months free or something. PO Box at a Post Office is much cheaper, but they do not have the same benefits as the UPS store, so I'd weigh out what makes sense for you.

UPS Store provides a physical address, accepts packages for you from USPS, FedEx and UPS, 24 Hour access key, email when you get mail/package, multi-business names, business services, etc...

Check it out and do what makes sense for you. Good luck..


We have always included our office address on any mailers we send.....and we also include a business card with most direct mail letters, so people could easily find us if they wanted to. In over 5 years of sending a ton of direct mail we have got countless "f-u" calls from crazy homeowners, but never once have any of those same loony-tunes actually shown up at my office. Personally I think having an actual physical return address gives you additional credibility, since you are a business right? Or at least you should be.....

There is nothing wrong with starting out that way......but one of my biggest issues with people who get into this business is that they treat it like a hobby, and because of that they then get results like a hobby. You wouldn't start any other type of business without having a name, registering it, getting business cards, ect....

I'm not saying you need all of that right away, but I can tell you that if you want to really make real estate investing work for you, then you should treat it like you would if you were starting any other type of business. Fortunately you don't need to put a whole lot at risk to start a real estate investing business......which is part of what makes it such a great business to become a part of.

Good Luck!

To piggyback on the last thing Tucker mentioned:

Having a business also makes you seem more professional, I know I've heard that in some markets, the professional look is almost intimidating to sellers, but I always like to present a clean cut example to a client; I think it helps them have confidence in you.

Also, creating a business shouldn't cost you too much.