How to build a list of wholesalers?

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Please advise on best practices to build a list of wholesalers.

Networking and building relationships..

Networking, especially @ real estate investor meetings is the best way IMO.

I've also met wholesalers through craigslist (posting and replying to 'we buy houses' ads). I also make it a point to call phone numbers posted on bandit signs and reach out to local wholesalers

You could post a "phantom" ad on Craigslist posing as a motivated seller that would attract a wholesaler - after all, turnabout is fair play :)

thank you Joseph; Steve; and Zaid.

I'm in Wichita, Ks and trying to build a buy and hold

Portfolio. Started a year and. Half ago and had great sucess my 1st

Year. Was super aggressive (kinda obsesses over it and ran into a lot

Of dumb luck along the way finding deals. This year; however;

Has been a frekin struggle. I can't homes with equity in decent

Neighborhoods to save my life. I feel like I need a list of 30+ wholesalers to have any shot.

Any feedback or suggestions anyone??

where all does everyone find their deals?

Best avenues?

So the "guru" said "just call up the We Buy Houses people, they'll be glad to talk to you about their needs and getting into the RE business."

Really? If I just call up to pick their brain about what they do... with no property to offer them. They'll be ok with it? Judging by most of the investors on here, they don't have a whole lot of time as it is and a complete newbie calling out of the blue may not get a call back.

I think he is saying to call them and have them add you to

Their buyers list which would Help them out as well as you.

Jay here , not easy finding deals but when you find motivated sellers

the deals will follow. I get a lot of ours from expired mls houses , they

had the price way too high and finally came to their senses. California

is a tough market but has high rewards.

@Westin Hudnall

oh lord please be more specific before all the "wholesalers" attack you.

This may be the simplest thing you can do. go to Craigslist type we buy houses and email everyone that pops up and as to join their buyers list. You will quickly see how many of the same deals you get at different prices and repair estimates the one who do not send emails every day and send houses no one else has and sends that one deal repeatedly are the real deal wholesalers.


Can you explain step by step how to view/look up expired listings? I do have MLS access and I know they are on there but I don't know a good way to look at them in terms of weeding out the peoperties I woulsnt care about vs the ones I would.

Manny --

Makes sense. I'm all about the "work smarter not harder" so this advice suits me just perfectly. Thank you for the studly advice ;)

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