Taking Seller Calls Live vs Lifestyle Design

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Question for the wholesalers out there who have their businesses systematized with the ability to scale:

Do you take all the seller calls live, or let them go to voicemail, an answering service, or a VA? I have heard some top dogs suggest that you should always take seller calls live, when they are the hottest to sell, and I understand the reasoning. But the thought of my phone ringing 24/7 and trying to take all those calls isn't that appealing. At the end of the day, I'll take all the calls if that's what needs to happen to get the job done, but I would really like to figure out a way to remove myself from the equation.

The only things I can think of is to either hire an answering service (lose personal touch), hire a VA (lose personal touch), or hire an in-house sales rep (now responsible for an employee). Not trying to sound negative, just trying to create a more passive business model if possible.

Has anyone figured this out? Any and all feedback is appreciated.

I personally prefer to take the calls myself as they call - in my opinion nothing beats talking to a motivated seller while they're 'still hot'

That said I have friends who have all calls go to voicemail, and I've heard of wholesalers who use VAs or answering services (like callruby). and still make it work

I doubt your phone will be ringing 24/7, most of the calls I get are between 9am and 7pm or so.

If you hire a VA or similar, you'll still have to train them to take the calls.....perhaps consider taking the calls for the first 6 months so you get a feel for it and can train your future assistants better.

How many marketing pieces are you sending out each month?

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