Update: First shot at wholesale deal

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So I went out to see the house of my client and the house was amazing, only thing is.........it's in a warzone. The house belonged to the ladys mother and she rehabbed it and over did it. It went from a 3/1 to a 4/2, re-piped, re-tiled,electrical redone,new roof, kitchen updated, bathrooms updated; the works. Her asking price was just too high in comparison to the comps which are in the 45-50k range. Good experience tho. I plan to follow up with her in about a week or two to reiterate to her the money that she is losing by having this vacant property.

My yellow letter campain seems to be working quite nicely. I have 2 more viewings this week.

Any advice or suggestions are welcomed.


Thanks for the update, I'm new myself and looking for experiences concerning individuals first wholesale deal. I'm looking forward to seeing a experts advice for you

Great learning experience @Jerald Alford for sure. Just make sure you stay true to your numbers and don't extend yourself.

Have you figured out what she "needs" for the house or how much she is into it? Might help you help her.

@Jerald Alford Great to see your yellow letter campaign is working!

Don't ever change what's working for your marketing in your area, keep it consistent.

Looks like a great deal that you have, I would personally stay away from the war zone, if the numbers make sense based on what you offered to her. You might just want to find a retail buyer for this property since it is already rehabbed and do a double close.

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