what is your opinion on first phone call?

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i am about to send out 50 mailing letters to absentee owners.

some people say for the first phone call not to find out too much. they tell me to find out the property address and than to hang up find out comps and call back for more information.

some say to find out more. how much they want for the house, why they are selling, how much equity they have, how motivated they are, etc.

opinions? how much information should i have by the end of the first phone call?

@Derek LeBlanc,

Most sellers don't know how much equity they have. Best way is let's say Mr. Jones can I get the address and can I sit appointment with you let's say in the next 48 hours to view the property which will give you enough time to run the comps and a title search, and once you have that take your GC with you, in case there are repairs needed and please don't have the GC to bump up the repair cost, and be honest with the seller and make a cash offer with no weasel clause.

My thought if I was the seller I be wanting proof of funds to move forward and weed out tire kickers.

Joe Gore

@Joe Gore

if im wholesaling idont have funds though.

how much would it cost to have a contractor look at the property?

and this might be a dumb question but what does a title company do? at what time during this whole negotiating process with the seller do i get the title company? i thought they just wrote the contract pretty much and put the deal together

@Derek LeBlanc,

Most GC will not charge to give estimate. Find a buyer before you put it under contract.

Joe Gore

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