who else do i target besides absentee owners?

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Try people with high equity in specific areas you want to target. Or do some driving for dollars and find houses that look like they need significant work and you can get some solid leads from those.

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@Account Closed -

Think of it this way-there are distressed houses, distressed mortgages and distressed sellers. There are dozens of ways that this distress happens and many ways you can help them. It depends if you want to work with owners w/ equity or w/out equity.

Just take the underlying situations that seller find themselves in and work back. In other words, if someone is in foreclosure-something happened to lead to that. Divorce, death, move, etc.

Hope that helps!

What is your local market like? Is there high demand for housing? Good economy? Fill a void. If the markets hot and all the "deals" are gone, then wholesaling probably isn't going to work. However; in those markets sometimes builders are buying houses to remodel, add square footage, etc., so look for houses where that's possible. Or, look for places with large lots that can be split. Or, vacant lots. No matter what the deal, it all comes down to the numbers and has to make sense. Good luck.

Off the top of my head. Probate or inheritance lists, Divorcees, Landlord's who are evicting tenants, Homeowners who have upcoming tax deed sales, preforeclosures ( for short sales).

There's a wealth of info on this site. Be sure to check out the marketing forums.