What does this mean when wholesaling to an end buyer w/ Financing?

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Hey Guys, I've got a quick question... Well sort of.

I've always thought thought you could only wholesale to an end buyer purchasing with all cash. Well a RE Youtuber recently told me that you can in fact wholesale to an end buyer (possibly retail) with conventional financing. His answer to "How?" was " Release your equitable interest for a fee on the closing statement".

What exactly does this mean when wholesaling/ assigning contracts? Have any of y'all had experience with these sort of wholesale transactions?

Thanks in advance guys! I love what you guys do for newbies like me!

~John Elmenhe

Why don't you link the video.

Yes, a similar question was just answered, it can be arranged by stepping out of the way. Most likely you'll need a clean contract or at least a release and acknowledgement between the seller and buyer. :)

@Bill Gulley has given you the direction to take. You get a conditional release from contract on your purchase agreement with the seller, contingent on seller going into contract with the chosen buyer at a higher sales price and contingent on you being paid for releasing. The buyer and seller execute a new purchase agreement. The HUD1 can show the release payment on the seller's side of the transaction so buyer's lender shouldn't care.

Thanks @Bill Gulley for your replies. That makes a lot more sense. I couldn't find the link to the video, but I'll make sure to check if similar questions have been answered next time bill.

Talk to you soon.

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