Any Local REI Clubs in the Riverside Area

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Hello, I am very passionate about real estate investing, but just scared to go on the field and start. I was wondering if there are any local REI clubs here in Riverside area. I recently joined New Wealth Advisors Club, as they had the signs posted "Real Estate Investors Seek Students". Got some good information there but I am still bit nervous. I would really appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction for the clubs and have had success. Thank You very much.

@Faiz Khan - use as there are plenty of clubs in the area. If you don't mind driving down towards Irvine, CA, there's a club meeting on the first Tuesday of every month held by FIBI. Also, there's Investor's Workshop on the third Thursday of every month in Costa Mesa (I think, message me if you're interested and i'll get you the exact details).

Best advice I can give you is to just jump in. You'll be nervous and stumble, but nothing you won't be able to overcome. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations now and you'll force yourself to find a way out.

Best of luck.


I'd like to second what George mentioned: is a great place to find REI clubs close to you.

I've heard good things about the Manfredi investors club (it's in corona not that far from you). You can check their website here, The next speaker they have scheduled is Bruce Norris in Jul who is a very knowledgeable and great speaker.

If you can drive a bit, check out InvestClub for women in Irvine (here's a link to the website), <yes men are welcome to join!>, I'm a member in investclub and the members are great plus the invited speakers are always on point.

Bill Tan's club in Arcadia is another good one that is not that far from you.

@Faiz Khan we're in your backyard. There are a ton of great clubs in Socal. The one in the IE is in Corona but they only meet quarterly. You'll have to head out to the OC for the closest ones that meet regularly but there are several great ones there. We keep a list of clubs we speak at annually. Always feel free to reach out if you want suggestions. Every club has a different personality so you'll have to visit. Most of the ones listed don't do the run-to-the-back-of-the-room stuff. There's a pretty tight network of clubs that support each other.

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