Is completing wholesale deal in 3-4 months realistic?

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Is completing wholesale deal in 3-4 months realistic?

My current situation requires me to move in about 4 months. The problem is I love the current market I live in compared to the one I'm moving to. And the one I'm moving to i believe will be much more costly living wise along with the initial move. So Ideally I would like ti complete one if not more before I move. Also this would be my very first deal.

I do have a business plan and an almost completed marketing plan. Iv'e put a ton of research into wholesaling this market, and have a decent amount of monet or marketing. But i have to leave in 4 months and don't know if i should initiate. Any thoughts?

Im not a wholesaler, but from my understanding people who wholesale usually deal with people who want to move quickly so I don't know why you couldn't. Maybe the better question is whether or not you should, it seems like a waste to start in a market where you cannot become an expert in.

Once you get a deal in your hand, completing it shouldn't take longer than 3-4 WEEKS.

I'm with @Phillip Syrios though. Why spend a bunch of time and marketing where you are now when you are leaving town so soon? Many leads you need to hit several times before you get any engagement.

(Note: I'm not a wholesaler but have wonder similar questions)

Just because a seller would want a quick sell doesn't mean he would be able to market and find the sellers in time. Might be possible, but from what I understand sometimes marketing campaigns can take a while to establish.

I might instead focus on the new market instead, or a market within driving distance of the new one perhaps?

@Jacob Cannon, Yes it's possible to find a great deal in 4 months, but mostly unlikely. Most sellers are going to say NO to your low offers and terms. However, you're not looking for the majority you're looking for the minority. Wholesaling is simple, but not easy. Good luck...

Thanks for the advice guys I appreciate it! @Phillip Syrios @Scott S. @Jason Flynn @Arktavious Sally

Yes Phillip you make a good point and concern that I had and forgot to write in my post. Anyway I've decided I'm gonna virtual wholesale the first two months of my marketing campaign before I move and continue once relocated. I have a few "boots on the ground" friends and partners to my advantage which is good and I've heard marketing campaigns do take some time to establish like Jason said so this will also allow me to knock two months down. I've heard the minimum is six months. Either way I plan to do more than that whether I've made my first deal or not.

Yes it is realistic but that does not mean easy. I estimate it takes 6 months on average to do your first deal. However the range of "normal " is probably 2 months to a year.

One of my beliefs is if you do what successful people do often enough and persistently enough you to will be successful. One thing that holds back new investors is they don't focus on and do the key thing s that lead to deals. Contacting leads and making offers is what leads to deals. Everything else is less important.

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