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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to generate a good buyers list as it pertains to local landlords? I was told when it comes to "war zone" areas I would have an easier time marketing to investors that already own property there.

Try finding for rent ads on Craigslist in that area. If you know a realtor, ask them to look up cash sales in the area. You could even buy a list from listsource or somewhere similar that has absentee owners in the area. These people on that list will be either sellers or buyer. Hope this helps.

There is a sticky topic at the top of the BP wholesaling forum where you will find lots of ideas.


I never get why this method is so low on the priority list.

They provide actual data of REAL owners who OWN rentals in the target market. You know for a fact, they own property. The above mentioned ideas are awesome and work but this one should not be ignored. You have their address (a sure fire way to reach them) and proof they own properties (they are a verified buyer).

Get a good title rep. Many times you just want customer service because the title rep is more concerned with sales. Call or even email. Say you want absentee owner list for this neighborhood or within whatever proximity of 123 Main st and they should get that to you within hours.

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