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Probate investors, sending out monthly letters are killing my marketing funds. I know there is some debate on using letters vs postcards.

I wanted to see what you think about using postcards over letters?

@Stephen R.

I will send out 2 letters followed by 3-4 postcards. Included in my letters is my business card, the back of my card is the same as my postcards so they should recognize it and associate it to letters.

@Stephen R. In CA there's a form labeled Duties and Liabilities of Personal Representative (DE-147) which has PR's contact info including address and phone number. There is no debate if you start calling and door knocking. Yes you can still send postcards/intro letter but if you want a deal.....

Mark (N-CA)

Sac/Placer county

@Bill R. @Mark Pedroza So you wouldn't just start of with a post card and continue with it? It's my thinking if you end with postcards why not start with postcards and safe money?

@Stephen R.

You can try postcards only, I did and had a poor response. I think letters are better with the whole probate angle - postcards only is my way to with Lis Pendens - pre foreclosure route.

In my experience, phone calls with follow-up letters are much more effective, and thus less expensive, than postcards which illicit minimal response. And yes, the quality of the stationary and design of your letterhead matters here. Each individual letter may cost more, but the phone call opening the door makes the quality of the follow-up piece paramount to the impression you convey with your written materials. I suggest you use 100% cotton bond with a watermark, and have someone with nice handwriting address the letter. Not only will this strategy secure a better first impression, if properly managed, it will lead to multiple referrals from probate attorneys. Presumably, you want to establish an ongoing business relationship that lasts far beyond your initial contact and purchase.

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