i just got my first angry caller

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i sent out letters and this guy called back really mad. he seemed confused.

he wouldnt let me talk and kept interrupting me and said never to send him a letter again because he is not interested. i asked politely for his name so i could take him off my mailing list and he said i "should know his freaking name" and he is going to turn me into the cops.

anyways. nothing i did was illegal right? if he goes through and really does turn me into the cops are they going to call me or something?

@Account Closed

We had the same issue! He said he was going to call the cops for some reason? Never did however or they told him to just forget about it. Nothing to be worried about IMO.

@Michael Q. Was that call personally to you? Wow, that guy had some anger issues...

Originally posted by @Michael Q.:
Youre safe... Angry callers are just a part of the mix...

For adults only....


I wonder how he would react if you did something much more serious, like knock on his door and politely ask if he wanted to sell:)

The real fun is when you break down your cost per phone call in.

I recently paid $60 for a woman to tell me to "F**K Off"

@Michael Q.

lol dude has anger issues

@Michael Q.

People like that are just asking to be harassed. Talk about not being the least bit intelligent, he makes a recorded terroristic threat to shoot someone & he can't speak without uttering an "F" this or that...

If my kids were a little older, I'd play it for them, to show how the words you use & how you use them are a window into your intelligence, or lack there of. It would be a real teaching moment.

There was a clown in a busy restaurant every other word was F this and F that in front of children, and I knew this lady who is a federal agent setting across from me, and she asked the clown to drop the F word, and he said he was in control they arrested the clown.

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