NEWBIE trying to figure out how do I find out if a property has liens or taxes owed against it. Also trying to figure out how do I find out an accurate as is appraisal . Thanks

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trying to figure out how or where would I look to find out if a property has any taxes owed and/or liens against it.

Also how do I get an accurate as is appraisal of the property?!??


Hi Michael,

First, find the property in your county's online appraisal district database. Most counties have property records available online these days. Search by address if that's what you know. Once you've found the property in the appraisal district database, take note of the current owner and the lot and block description.

THEN, go to the county clerk website and search public records. Sometimes it will say "OPR search" or something to that effect. Then you can search by the owner's name or the lot and block description, or both. This search will provide a lot of documents relating to the property you're looking at including deeds, deed transfers, liens, release of liens, and other official documents.

Keep in mind that this process may not disclose all liens. In order to get the title insurance you'll have to pay a title company. But it will give you a head start and make you aware of any obvious problems.



1 more question I have is, how do I find out if the property is in foreclosure or an REO?!??

The documents you find on the county clerks website will also help with that. You can also check the county clerk's office (sometimes it's the tax office) for a list of foreclosure homes that are going to be auctioned off.

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