how to track driving for dollars

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Hi BP,

Wondering if anyone has a good way to keep track of your driving for dollars houses? I've got addresses all over the place in my truck,, on business cards ,random paper, etc.. I need to tighten things up and need some advice on how you guys are doing it..


Do you have a tablet? If so, take a google maps screenshot of the area you want to drive through and save it in an app like Evernote. You can take notes in the picture and attach other files (like pictures you take or phone numbers). It will also help you keep track of the areas you've driven through and make better use of your time.

Or you could just print off/buy a map and take notes on it.

I'm new at this, but this is what I've worked our so fat. If you have an iPhone, I just discovered that the Zillow app lets you locate "nearby" to you, allowing you to pull up the specific property you are standing in front of, even if it is off-market. This gives you instant great data (ignore that Zestimate, of course) like parcel number, tax info, link to County database, sale history, etc.

I can favorite a listing and write private notes. When I go home, I pull up my favorites list from the Zillow website and compile onto a Google Doc (so I can access on my phone).

I'd imagine it'd be even better on a tablet.

thanks for the help great advice @Jenny Y.  @Tom McLemore

Hey Chris! 

I had the same problem at first on how to organize my data. I was putting notes, sending myself text messages, emails. and thinking I would remember.

I started using Evernote as my sole location for notes, taking pictures of houses, street signs, and notes from calls with customers. Life has gotten a lot more organized and I have access all the time. Also, like Jenny mentioned, if you use an App to find the property you can favorite the house and get alerts on it through Zillow or Redfin. I started doing that about a month ago with every house I found driving for dollars or when a prospect calls me from a letter. This is done to gain insight into the area, the house status, and learn something about price, terms, etc if I lost the house to another investor. 

Lastly, I have a master spreadsheet for my marketing that I have my leads I purchased through ListSource and a tab called "Driving" with houses to send letters to. Every couple days I research those addresses, and who to send to. 

Hope this help!



I use google drive. Google drive has in it google sheets google docs and google forms, This is cloud based. I create a form with street address owner name and mailing address as columns. When i am out driving and see a distressed home I pull up the google sheets app on my phone add in the address and it then is updated on my laptop at home. After i get a large list I mail merge the sheets data to a google doc template that is my direct marketing letter. 

This way I only have to type the info one time. I type it in when I first see the house. The rest is automated all the way till I print the letter and put it in the mail. 

Good luck!

Google Maps on iphone: zoom in very close to street view, hold the image of house you wanna capture (target house), click on the address in white banner at bottom of screen, click share, select copy (to clipboard.)

Evernote (or similar cloud backed up app): create a note and paste in your addresses.

At office: enter addresses into spreadsheet, lookup mailing addresses, mail to owners. (or better yet, outsource & use a VA at www. to do the "office duties."

-Nathan Rice

Zippy Home Buyer

In case others end up here... I found an app that will automatically draw your driving for dollars routes and overlay the photos you have taken of properties. Looks promising.

It's called GPS Tracks. I think it was intended for hiking, but it might work quite well for this.

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