Looking for cash buyers in the DFW area!

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How's it going BP?

I acquire dozens of investment properties a month in the DFW area, let me know if you are an investor and would like to receive the properties as we get them!


@Schyler Witt Have you been to your local REIA yet and networked? Have you went on marketplace yet?

@Christopher Hunter I have been to a couple and I will be going to a lot more now that I am doing it full-time. I am new here on BP but I will definitely be upgrading my account so I can have access to the marketplace, I think it will be worth it.

Are these wholesale deals? Are you the seller of record?

Joe Gore

@Schyler Witt  Yes sir you need to build relationships.  Investor want to know that you truly have good deals and that you are a man of your word.  Have you reached out to the local rehabbers in DFW and landlords?

@Joe Gore Yes they are wholesale deals, I work for a wholesale real estate brokerage and we receive new properties weekly.

Do all theses proprieties come with a warranty deed? 

Joe Gore

@Mike H. Sounds good Mike, will do!

@Joe Gore Yes they do, we guarantee free and clear title.

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