could i start by flipping?

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would you ever do a flip where you arent getting that 20k profit?

basically i am wondering, that if i could not find a buyer because they werent making enough profit... could i flip it myself to just make 5k?

if i could find 200% of the funding somehow?

i can use multiple hard money lenders right?

$5K is way to small of a profit for a buy, rehab and retail.  There are always unexpected cost that arise during rehab.  With that said I have purchased and sold properties with profits under $10K but my basis is usually under $70K. 

You don't want to buy a property for flip that you only expect a $5k return on. Have you factored in all holding costs (cost of money, utilities, taxes, insurance), as well as agent fees on the sell?

One unexpected expense could easily put you in the red.

There's a reason nobody else is buying it..

I agree with others. If you're seeing a 5k as you run the numbers that leaves you no oops factor. You want an oops factor. 

Don't worry about those deals where the seller isn't motivated. Wait it out a few months, if this is the case, and approach them afterwords.

Most HML's will only loan up to 70% LTV, some only 65% and that's off the ARV. That said, they usually want you to have some "skin in the game" as well unless it's an amazing deal. Say you could be all in on a house for 50-60% of the ARV they may fund you 100% of the deal, but numbers would have to be pretty solid.

As far as the 5k profit.....that's not enough spread for the HML to lend on. You should find a good HML lender and see if you can walk through some of there current projects and see the numbers for yourself. They will tell you exactly what will work and if you find a deal that they will lend on, you know it's a good deal.

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