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So I sent out my first mailing about 250 letters, hand written, and got my first call today!! I was nervous and excited at the same time. Very nice lady, it was the first time she had ever received a yellow letter and basicly curious about what exactly I was doing, which was fine. Her and her husband were expecting a market price for there property, and really had no reason to sell. But the name of the game is to get the phone to ring, after 250 letters, 4 days later my phone was ringing. I love what I'm doing with RE right now, so looking forward to that next call. So my advice to the newbies just starting out, take action, try to stop reading this amazing site for a few and take action!! Happy investing

Congrats, that's awesome!

Congrats Chris!!

Congrats on getting started with your letter writing campaign.  That must have been a real chore to hand write 250 letters.  What kind of seller are you targeting with those letters?  I hope you didn't send them all to people who "really had no reason to sell".

Paul, I targeted absentee owners who have owned property for 20 plus years, I'm working with a seasoned wholesaler who helped me build my criteria. So I feel pretty confident with my list. I had a couple other criteria in my search too. I just purchased the HP 8620 E all in one printer so I don't have to hand write them, I figured out how to do a mail merge using excel and word so I'm going to be A lot more productive in my marketing.

 Richelle and Dusty thanks for support

@Christopher Moran  Excellent job my man!  You've gotten a lot further then many people who want to get into real estate investing/wholesaling.


@Michael Q.  thanks for the congrats, just got my first angry caller he wasn't to happy, thanked him for calling anyways, your posts are always informative and so helpful especially being new to marketing.

@Scott Costello  ,@Richelle T.  thanks for the post,

when I use to cold call I always knew every no made me one step closer to a yes.  It's kinda the same thing with angry and fantasy callers. 

@Christopher Moran congrats!! Way to take action! :-)

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