How to locate an absentee owner

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Hello BP,

I wanted to know if anyone can tell me how to find the current address of an absentee owner?  I was out driving today and I came across a vacant property that I know has been vacant for at least 3 years now.  When I got home I put the property address in my counties property search website, which is pg county in Maryland by the way, and the owners mailing address is the same as the property address, but of course it is not the principle address.  Can anyone tell me where do I go from here?  How can I find the current mailing address? 

Search by owner name in that same website. Hopefully he has an uncommon name. Odds are he lives nicest house that his name is tied to. This happens because some landlords don't file the correct mailing address with the County. I'm assuming you know for sure that he is "absent." Good luck!

Run the name through veromi and intelius and peoplesearch, without paying anything. They will show you, if there are various addresses (without giving the address). It might also show you other people that are related.

Depending on their age, most younger people will have a facebook account or even twitter.

Google the owner's name, together with the city and see what comes up

Take it from there

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