how to wholesale properties in different states

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can i wholesale properties that i have never seen in person?

could i wholesale a property in california if i live in new york? how do i do it and how would it work

I personally would be very reluctant to trust the repair cost estimates and ARV from someone who had not been to the property themselves....

Derek, with all so respect, I believe you're asking too many questions that have been answered multiple times already here on BP...when you have such broad questions, do a little of your own research first. Then when you have narrowed down very specific questions and can't find a more direct question, post it on BP. People willing to help, will be turned off by the fact that you are clearly not taking the time to do your own research, but just asking for answers. I'm not directing this specifically to you, because I've done it and a lot of people do. I guess it just takes someone to tell you "hey people aren't going to respond if it looks like this guy isn't doing any research, because if he was he would have found multiple posts already about the topic". I've had it happen to me, too, and I've learned the more specific your question the higher the response rate. There are plenty of started discussions on the out of state wholesaling topic. Again, I encourage your will to learn more, but perhaps take it up on yourself to look for it instead of asking for it. Besides you'll get your information much faster. Make sense?

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What you are referring to is called Virtual Wholesaling. You can do this in your own market, flip properties you havent visited. 

Theres a lot of info out there on this topic, (check out bp podcast with Anson Young). There are different methods but if you do the marketing and comb the leads for motivated sellers it cant be difficult to find a local person to help with numbers. 

Good luck!

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