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I am ready to start looking for potential wholesale properties but wanted to get some advice on exactly where to start... I was making websites for both motivated sellers and a different one for buyers...I guess I  wanted to know if other people did this or did they work on their mail campaigns first? 

@Whitney Moore Welcome to BP Whitney. How well do you know your target market? Have you connected with your rehabbers and landlords in your area? How many buyers do you have on your list? I think you need to attend your local REIA meeting and find out what your investors are looking. Once you know what they are looking for then you can create your direct mail campaign along with your websites.

@Whitney Moore  

Well you asked the million dollar question!

I would agree with you in starting one marketing approach at a time. If you do mailings you will get LOTS of calls, if you are ready for that then go for it. I started with signs, I received lots of cruddy leads but it helped me get started as a wholesaler.

I haven't done a lead generating website but I imagine you might have a similar experience that I had with signs. 

Ultimately, I think mailings are the best approach.

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