Visiting the courthouse tomorrow

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I will be heading to the county clerks office tomorrow to file for a DBA.... I was wondering if I could "kill 2 birds w one stone" is there anything else I can accomplish while im there?? I was thining about trying to acquire leads such as probates.... any suggestions???


If you're interested in probates, you may want to connect with @Sharon Vornholt . She's very successful in this area and has done quite a number of write-ups on the subject for the BP blog.

Hope that helps!

Great plan. While there, I suggest that you find the superior court, the file archives, meet the clerks, ask where files are kept and how to access, find the most recent probate files and take a look-see, sit in on a probate court proceeding (dress shorts, etc.) and find the recorder's and tax accessor's offices, if in same complex.

Keep in mind that the County Clerk's office, often called the County Recorder's office is different from the Superior Court Records office.  They may or may not be in the same building or room.  It's a great idea to combine your research.  The Recorder's office is where you would search information on specific properties (liens, title holders, foreclosure notices, etc.) and the Court Records office is for researching specific court cases (probate, divorce, small claims, criminal, etc.)  While you are there, if the Tax Assessor's office is nearby, you can search the property tax status of a property and see if the mailing address of the tax bill is different from the property address.

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