Is anyone having as much fun WHOLESALING as I am?

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Ok, this business is hard, it's not easy, but I can say that I am enjoying what I do for a living. The connections I have made, the knowledge I have gained, the bigger picture that I had not seen prior to Real Estate Investing...I look at things from a whole new perspective now!

I'd like to thank BP for the great podcasts, they are packed with so much useful information and the positive energy from the guys is always encouraging.

I received a motivating email yesterday that read “Every day I am given the freedom of time to learn, evolve, grow. That is a gift.The ability to spend each day deciding how to spend my time, bettering myself, improving my business, and how I add value to those around me is wonderful."

I have not been able to get those words out of my mind since reading those lines. I am motivated now more than ever and I look forward to learning and earning more & more! Who says work can't be fun, and it is a lot of work!

Happy Investing!

That's awesome!  You should share some of your wholesale success stories.  What have you done?  What's working best for you?  What's your biggest deal so far?

Thanks for this post! Really affirming! And, yes, very true. There are discouragements, for sure, but revisiting this observation will restore a sense of well-being and gratitude for a lifestyle that, in spite of the setbacks, offers so very much!

Congrats on your wholesaling success! What have you found to work best for you to generate leads from motivated sellers?

Best of luck.

Yes I agree, real estate always puts me in a good mood =]

Lately most of my leads have come from word of mouth. I do a lot and I mean a lot of 10 second pitches and hand my card out. Gas stations, elevators, convenience stores, Starbucks, fast-food places, you name it, if there are people around I'm 10 second pitchn'n them! I didn't used to like Wal-Mart b/c there is never any parking but that place is a huge networking arena all the time!

Simple as this -

"Excuse me, do you live around here? (Yes/No/Whatever)

Ok my name is Michael, and I pay cash for property, in any area/condition. If you or anyone you know needs to sell quickly, please contact me, here's my card. (Hand them my business card)

And what's your name? (They tell me their name) Great meeting you (their name)"

THEN I WALK AWAY, unless they start asking questions, which many people do. As a salesperson most of my adult life, I know that people hate to be sold, so I don't do it.

I always ask for their name last so that I will remember it and I immediately put a reminder in my phone of their name, where I met them and the time. So when they do call I'm like "hey Jim, yea I remember we met @...." and they are amazed that I remember them from that 10 second interaction.

@James Mudd Honestly I have not made a whopping amount of money yet, but I have helped many families since I began wholesaling. This business allows you to help people and make a great living on your own time, I think that's why I like it so much. I also do disaster relief when I'm not investing so I have that desire to help those in need.

My biggest deal so far is $6k and my goal is to do 2 deals a month consistently. I have made some $ indirectly with wholesaling as well, as a realtor, picking up leads that happen to be renters or retail buyers.

i agree. i am just starting and i love it. i love meeting new people and trying to help them with their problems. and even better, making money solving their problems!

Hey @Micheal Chase !! My good friend I am having so much fun! I'm in Memphis and loving it! Thank you for all your help and the motivation

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