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I have just sent out my first set of mailers to probates and i have noticed when i cross reference the property on google i have found about 50% of them on listed as being up for sale is this a good or bad thing? Should i not mail to the ones that are already for sale?

That list is old. Where is it from? Maybe focus on absentee owners? The people that you targeted are looking for top dollar. Forget them... Probates are good but ya need to get them early. If listed with realtor tell them what you do, then forget them. Maybe they call back, maybe they don't. Keep moving forward.

I agree with @Nathan Paisley  , that list is too old if leads are already on zillow.

I've worked with probate leads and my methodology is as follows:

1. Go through probate court records (I don't buy from a list as sometimes these are oversold to other investors)

2. Mail out to records based on set rules (location, date descended, etc)

3. Pick & choose from those who call me.

Probate leads work - just keep on it and track everything.


Current deal that called from a letter I sent 4 months ago:

Purchase Price: $120,000

Estimated Repairs: $40,000

ARV: $275,000

DOM: < 30

Fantastic opportunity.

Sometimes a house is listed or even sold on a fresh file. Just the way it goes

Leads can never be listed so soon. May the list is old.  Unless the property is transferred or executor usually takes time to complete all mandatory tasks.. its can take minimum 2-3 months to list properties.  

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