I'm such a virgin whole seller!

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Hey Friends,

I put myself on 10 day whole sell diet and I landed my first contract just after day two.  I'm looking for a cash buyer to help me out so here goes all the delicious details:

3bdr/2 ba ranch style house in Mocksville, NC sits on over 3 acres. I have it under contract for $62,544 and it sold for $131k in 2006. I've calculated the repairs to be $15k if you don't get all fancy but just the basics, carpet/paint/clean up. I'm looking to assign this contract ASAP so please help me enjoy my first deal and stop panic attacks..  Thanks

I'd love to hear the story of how you landed a wholesale deal after 2 days, it took me weeks just to get comfortable with all the basics!

Best to post your deal over in the Marketplace cause that's where the buyers will be looking!


Thanks Chris,

I'll move that deal over to the Marketplace and I'm more than happy to explain my over the top drive and commitment to getting a deal done in 10 days.

REO agents hv buyers, auctions, hard money lenders know buyers. You can go on listsource and get names and addresses of investors who have purchased properties recently.

Well done

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