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I am setting up this Post to help the new wholesaler/Investor in getting started in Real Estate.   This is a series of links to help you with Contracts and know how

Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing

Wholesale Investing Contract

Wholesale Assignment Contract

Purchase & Sale Contract

List of Contracts and other Agreements

Hope this Helps you All!

@ Gerald, this such a fantastic post! Thank you so much for putting this up.

I do have a quick question. Can you explain the difference between the contracts you have posted? (Difference between Purchase and Sale contract vs Assignable contract vs Wholesale Investing contract)

Thank you very much!

Purchase Contract is a flat out buying a property.   

Example:   A seller has a house for sale and you want to buy it.   You write up a contract, get seller to sign and agree to sell to you.  

Wholesale Contract is a Purchase contract with an (Assigment Clause)

(I agree to purchase and or assign)  should be in the Wholesale Purchase Contract. 

Assignment Contract is where you have an agreement to assign your equitable interest or rights to an end buyer.   Typically a cash buyer.   

Purchase contract and wholesale contract are 1 and the same.   With your Purchase contract if you are going to be wholesaling you must have that (and or assign)   you are assigning your equitable interest to a buyer/investor.  

No problem folks

If you all have a question, post it on Bigger Pockets and I along with the community will do our best to answer it to help you succeed

Not a problem folks

If you know someone that needs help, send them that link.  Anything and everything you need to know about beginner your real estate investing career you can find here on Bigger Pockets

Thanks for the information, being new, this helps a lot. 

Question though, since I am completely new, does anyone have an example of what this contract would look like filled out? Would like to ensure that this doc is being used properly.