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We got a mailer back explicitly stating the property was vacant. Is this standard procedure? We've never really looked at returned mail, I figured it was bad info from list.

More to the point what do we do about it?!? These are addresses are outside our area so I cant just go down to records and type in the situs. Any help would be appreciated.

1.  Do a title search to see if property is still owned by original owner

2.  Find owners contact info and forwarding address and mail or call the owner 

3.  (Ask for pics) Make an offer.  

4.  If you get a deal and lock it up in contract looking for others to help you sell it

5.  Market it here on BP

Decide if you want to Buy, Hold or Wholesale this deal.   

Here is a free national property search.  I use it when i come across a vacant property.   As time goes on I will find a paid title source.  If you have a title company that you work with they will do title search for you.

@Gerald Harris  thanks for link! I hesitate to ask a title co. for help before Ive brought them any value, but I wonder if records will give me mailing address over phone? One way to find out...

@Gerald Harris Thanks for this link!! My husband has found over 40 vacant properties in our area and 23 of them had owners name on the (not REO's). I am excited to pursue these. I will pass this link on to others.

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