Realtor says he can't do CMA's ( comparative market analysis) on property!

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Hey I'm Mike and I'm a newbie!

I am determined to be a wholesaler! I have recently connected with a realtor that has agreed to do my cma's. I gave her the property address off an abandoned house and she said she would give me the cma on it sometime this week. Well she just called me and told me that she can only do cma's on properties that are on the market. She said if the home isn't on the market currently than she wouldn't be able to do one.

WHAT DO I DO NOW?!? How can I get a cma on the home then?!?

Find a new Realtor to work with...the CMA is used as a tool to create a market price opinion on properties getting ready to go on the market as well as many other scenarios.

The CMA can be done on ANY property at ANY time. Some properties are more challenging than others depending on location and availability of other similar properties and trends/statistics etc. There are many variable factors that go into the analysis, but it can be done on all properties.

She doesn't sound overly interested in doing business with you or she would do it.

My suggestion is to find a brokerage in your area and tell the broker what you are doing and ask she or he what agent that they have who is relatively new and appears to be very aggressive to succeed. If you work with that agent you may be critical to his or her success and they in turn will work very hard to get any business you might run there way.

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My guess would be that she just FIRED you. She probably has a MLS or in house program that allows her to pull up a current MLS property and hit "CMA" button and there ya go! One minute analysis for someone they'll probably never make a cent off of. Seems fair.

Now if you had any smarts you'd pick a similar property that is on MLS and ask for a CMA for that property. SEE, all this investing stuff is harder than you thought! 40 years of experience, priceless!

wow!!!! I can't believe what I'm hearing! Are y'all seriously telling me this person is BS'ing me?!?!? I'm shocked! Why would they lie to me like that?!?

Guess I will have to get another realtor then. Thanks everybody!