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Hi Everyone!

So, I have family in Houston, TX & will be moving there next year. I am looking to make contacts in the area (Wholesalers, other investors, etc.). 

I am looking to start doing business out there now. Obviously I am not going to just move out there & try to start over after the fact.

Anyone in the area who can help me with info or anything else would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance!

Do you know what area of town you'll be living in?

We are looking in South Houston. Maybe Pearland/ Friendswood area.

I can obviously work in all areas though.

Welcome in advance! It won't be hard to meet real estate investors in Houston... there are way too many of them right now! I would suggest you get on some wholesaler's e-mail lists so you start seeing the type of deals they send out. Also fill your calendar with REIA meetings you can find on meetup.com (there is a gazillion groups out there but only few meet regularly, and even fewer are really truly valuable, and even fewer are free). Message me if you are looking for something specific, but you should be able to find everything online. See you in Houston!

Welcome @Corry Taie  !

What Sebastian says is very true.  Real estate investing is the "in" thing again, especially here.  That said, there are a lot of folks talking about it and seminar gurus teaching it, but far fewer actually doing it.  You'll notice an increase in other investors that correlates to the latest seminar that was in town and then it dies down.  Keep plugging away in your own business and you'll do fine.  If I can be of any help please let me know!

Welcome in advance. Houston is a great place for business. We love raising our family here too

@Diamond DeVies-Ellis.

3-2 & larger in decent areas (N. E. & S. Houston).

150-450K ARV range.

I meant N., W. & S. Houston areas. Not E. lol

Welcome in advance! 

The Houston market is very busy so you'll have no problem meeting wholesalers or other investors. Maybe try connecting with some investors and wholesalers from Houston on BP. That will probably be your best bet outside of going to the REI meetings once you get here.

Good Luck and I'm sure we'll cross paths once you get here!

Hello Corry,

Sorry for the delayed response but we are excited that you will be joining us in Houston!

I currently have a couple of properties that match your specifications. What is your email?

Hi, I'm also from Houston/Pearland looking for deals in Southeast Houston under 65K.  I know that it is not the best area but cash flow is good for rental. 

South Houston? That's specifically within Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area and Harris County. What business are you planning to start up there? I'm working close to the area so I might know someone who can help you. Share some details of the business you have; may it be real estate, etc..

Hey Corry, I am a wholesaler/ Investor in the Houston are.  We have an office on the southeast side of town in Frienswood as well as an office on the West side of town near the Heights.  We sell 40 property per month only to investors.  Call me if you have any questons 832-877-8035

I am in Houston Tx and am looking to network here on BP, I am a private lender focused on SFR rehab and rental/owner financed cash outs. 713 231 9500 or 561 779 7769

I'm a Real Estate Investor Wholesaler here in Houston, TX and if here would like to invest here, allow me to to be your eyes and ears to the real estate market in Houston when you can't be here physically. Contact me a and let's talk! Have a good one everyone

@Corry Taie , I think going into the Houston market is a great idea.  I am currently marketing in Dallas, TX for a partner and it is going great.  He closed on 3 deals just last week. We were talking that we needed to add Houston to our cities.  Good luck to you!

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