Urgent! Got 1st house under contract and have cash buyers lined up. Cash buyers are asking for the address can i please get some advice!!!!

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So I just got my first house under contract today! I have cash buyers lined up. I already contacted them about the property. They are requesting the address to do a drive by. I feel that i would be missing a step if i gave them the address to do a drive by. Any help from wholesalers on BP would be great. Thanks

@Andrew S.

If you have the home under contract then you should give them the address and let them drive by.   I would tell them to not disturb the owner/tenants.  You should act as the point of contact.  

On the flip side, understand if they truly wanted they could knock on the door and work out their own deal and cut you out as though you have a contract, someone else could get them to do business with them and not you.  Sadly I have seen this before. 

In the end they will have to do a drive by to know if they want to move forward.


What are you concerns about your potential buyers seeing the property at this point? They're gonna have to see it at some point.

Are you worried about them doing an end-run around you directly to the seller?


Thanks for the response! Yes, that would be my concern. This is my first contract and i just want to be 100% sure of the next step.

If they don't know the address, how can they do diligence? In fact, why are they even interested in a drive by unless they know it's a good deal?? Seems backward to me.  I've always provided the address in the first phone call to a buyer. They then check out their own comps on it, do their calcs, take a look at pics I've provided them to factor in repairs, they they get back to me with-in a few hours and let me know if they want it.  When they do want to look inside, I always set it up with the owner and accompany the investor/buyer on the visit, especially if I have no history with the investor. I introduce the investor/buyer as my funding partner, and that he needs to take a quick peak of the property..

OK. Thanks!  Just making sure I have all my ducks in a row. Appreciate the quick and speedy responses.

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