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I have a property under contract but I look on zillow and see the property being list at market value. What do i do? This is crazy the seller is telling me he doesn't know how it got listed and It's like he's trying to do something shady.

Do you want to force the seller to perform?  That is close with you/your assignee?

Zillow isn't always accurate, so it's possible that he's doing something shady but unlikely.  

@William Murrell: a realtor I work with also so it listed on mls

@Jon Klaus: yes

Definitely sounds like something fishy is going on. If it is on the MLS I would contact the listing agent and get more info. I would imagine if you told them it was under contract they would be a little hesitant to keep the listing.

I think @Austin makes a good point.  You already have a legal contract with the seller. 

If i was in your shoes, I would call the listing agent and tell them you have a legal contract to purchase with the seller and to change the property from "Active" to "Pending" in MLS.

I am pretty sure the listing broker/seller have an Exclusive Right To Sell contract in place, which means that the listing agent will get his commission (from the seller) and won't complain about putting the status as "Pending".

Hopefully this helps!



sites like Zillow and Trulia are on a significant time delay with the local MLS... We have one website in Austin (austinhomesearch.com) that is synced to our Realtor MLS so it is on a 24 hour delay but it is the most accurate site for the public to use to as close to 'real time' information...but a lot can happen in 24 hours (at least here, homes are gone within hours)

I doubt there is anything shady going on, ask the Realtor if the status has been changed and if there is a just a delay with Zillow (I tend to see a 4 day delay locally here) with them.

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