how many ways of advertising do you use?

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do they all bring ina  good amount of leads? right now i use direct mail but most of the people dont seem very motivated.

i went to a rich dad program a while ago  and they said that you should have 7 ways of advertising. which ones do you use?

Real estate clubs, building relationships with small mortgage companies, bankruptcy attorney's, real estate attorney's, asset managers at banks, Craig's list, pre foreclosure leads, etc.

Advertising is a form of inbound marketing.  You put a message out in some way and wait/hope/pray someone will call you.  All can have some success but it can take a long time and you have no control.  I much prefer, and have been more successful with outbound marketing.  One way is what the previous poster mentioned.  Get out and talk to people whom you can help and they can help you.

The other key is to (1.) decide on your target market e.g. pre-foreclosures with equity, pre-foreclosures with no equity (short sales,) probate, owners with very high equity (over 75%), private note holders, out of town owners, owners of multiple properties, etc. etc.  (2.) Establish an outbound marketing program - phone calls or door knocking.  Go to them, don't sit and wait for them to someday decide to contact you.  While a letter would be good for an introduction (such as probate, out of town owners , and private note holders) I follow-up with a phone call no more than four days later, or visit if local.  Face time is key to fast success.

Kiyosaki says use seven (7) however I'd take anything specific from Rob with a grain of salt. 

Advertising is only a component of the overall marketing strategy.

An effective marketer will develop a strategy that matches the message through the appropriate media, whether offline or online, to reach the target. 

Advertising is just a substitute for being there in person, selling nose-to-nose, toes-to-toes. Since you can't be in front of everyone, everywhere at just the right time when they are ready to buy, your print ads ought to be designed to do something specific. 

I'm a big fan of direct response ads, those that can be tracked and measured. Also, I've developed relatively sophisticated referral-based selling strategies that that require me to educate the referral sources and show them both to how manage the client's expectation(s) and more recently, very specific ways they are to refer the client.

So, I utilize offline and online advertising and, obviously, give a lot of thought to each and how they fit in the overall marketing mix.

I like direct mail, inbound telemarketing, well-placed, industry/profession specific print ads, direct mail, paper & ink newsletters, public speaking, press releases, blogging & forums (limited social media), direct sales (in person), some conferences and specialty advertising (mugs, pens notepads) and a few others I won't mention. 

These pillars, as Jay Abraham calls them, have served me well, however he refers to some 21. I've found even more.

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