How to approach homeowner?

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I've been reading about wholesaling properties and I'd like to try.  I've spotted at house in my neighborhood that is run down and overgrown.  It also has an empty lot next to it that appears to be part of the property.  It's a very dense and desired neighborhood. I can't tell who lives there if anyone, but, I've occasionally seen a car and I suspect an old guy. 

How would I approach someone like this and see if they would consider selling?  There's no reason to think they would, but, it looks like a very valuable lot to me that isn't being used well.

If you go into the file share section of this site I uploaded an ebook titled Driving For Dollars " that would help you with how to talk to the owner.  There is even a call script that I use in the book.  Check it out!!!

Man o Man!  This is exactly what I am looking for?  BP Rocks!   Also, I am thinking of relocating to Charleston SC due to a family emergency.  Would like to hear from the Charleston REIs.  I will be checking the site as permissible given my emergency situation, but look forward to some responses.  Thanks and BP to everyone!

Just ask "do you want to sell your property?"  I don't care how many books you read, you probably won't be very smooth the first time. The way you get better is doing it. 

@Curt Davis   -- Thanks for the ebook tip -- I will go have a look asap.  I should have looked harder through the forums before posting a previous question!

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