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Hey there BP community. I am new to the REI world and like many I'm interested in wholesaling for numerous reasons. I know that there is a ton that I don't know and wholesaling looks like the perfect vehicle for me to learn a LOT with little risk and fairly little in the way of out of pocket costs. Right now what I'm looking for is buyers/mentors.

I'm not trying to build a buyer's list per se, more specifically I'm hoping to find a few very active investors in my area (NW Tarrant Co) for whom I can try and find the right kind of deals.  I want to develop long term relationships with some people that I can bring exactly the types of deals they are looking for in terms of location, price range, rehab needs, and more.  I want to make some money while doing this, but I'm really most concerned about the knowledge at this point as that is going to be more valuable to me in getting my feet off the ground.

So, if you're an active investor in Tarrant Co and you are looking for deals to purchase, please let me know. I have done a lot of research up to this point and I think I'm ready to actually start producing some real deals. I know that our market is hot right now (other than it being August in N Texas), and I see FSBO and other signs daily. Let me know how I can help you to get more quality deals so you can keep busy and growing and I can take the learning to the next step and start making at least a little money to keep the motivation and excitement.

I desperately don't want to be one of the 90% who jumps into REI to only fall off within a few months never having done a deal. Thanks in advance for helping someone to get their dreams off the ground. I hope to hear from some serious investors that I can work with to develop a long term win-win relationship.

Welcome  to Bigger Pockets @Scott Nipp  

What part of NW Tarrant are you talking about?  East or West side of Eagle Mountain Lake or up in the Haslet area?

Yes to all of the above.  We are most specifically focused on the Saginaw, Lake Worth, Azle areas but also north up to Haslet.

Is Azle still getting Earthquakes?

@Scott Nipp  i'd love to be #1 on your buyers list for Tarrant county.  We buy from wholesalers all the time.  Any information I can help you with getting your wholesaling business off the ground, i'd love to help..on one condition..you pass the deals by me first!  ;)

Originally posted by @Mark Creason:

Is Azle still getting Earthquakes?

 Not that I know of.

Hi Scott..just saw your post!  Never quit, never fail!  You'll make it my friend!  Please add us to your buyer list.  We'll check out anything you get under contract...and even take over payments.  I know you are in primarily DFW, but if you trip over anything throughout Texas, let us know on all counts.

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